Business Tips For Small Business Owners

Owning a small business is tough, but it can be done! Many of the most successful entrepreneurs have faced difficult times in their pursuit of success. 1. A LOGO ISN’T JUST FOR LOOKS 10% of Americans will change the channel if they watch a show that does not advertise their favorite brand. This is why businesses break up adverts with subliminal logos of their brands – companies don’t want to lose potential customers who are too distracted by what they are watching to do a double-take. 2. THE BUSINESS DRESS CODE Did you know that the color of your clothes can have an impact on how successful you are? A study by Wharton University showed that women who selected pink clothing preferred women who wore red or white. It has been shown that employers will hire people who dress in a way they deem to be more “professional.” 3. DITCH THE TO-DO LIST To-do lists are very popular but not always the most efficient way to handle your business. Even though there’s an impression that people who write down their tasks have a better sense of organization, it has been shown that people who have no system for carrying out their tasks but instead work straight away are more productive than those who write lists. 4. A GOOD REPUTATION LASTS A LONG TIME Word of mouth is often more powerful than a “promoted post.” Why? Because people trust what their friends and family have to say about a business over what they read online. If you make sure that all your employees are friendly and do their jobs well, word of mouth will be the best advertising you could ask for. 5. BUSINESS HOURS If you only work during standard working hours, your customers are more likely to be older adults who have finished their jobs for the day. Plus, there’s a good chance that most of your employees won’t feel motivated when they get back from work. Instead, try to work on your business when others are less likely to be working. 6. FLEXIBILITY IS KEY A flexible schedule can do more than increase productivity – it can also help fight off burnout. If you’re feeling exhausted at the end of the day, take some time for yourself before starting another shift. It’ll help you build up your energy, and the time spent away from work will allow you to return refreshed. 7. SIZE MATTERS The bigger you are, the more likely you are to get affected by your environment. If your company is smaller, it’s easier for problems in one department to snowball and affect the entire business. But if you’re larger, then even serious issues might not be enough to impact your business. CONCLUSION: Statistics show that small business owners are less likely to close their doors because of economic factors. However, there is no denying that running a business takes up an enormous amount of time and energy.