Dressers Are Wood Furniture That Has Been In Use For Long

Dressers are wooden furniture used for storing clothes, but also sometimes shoes. Dressers are usually made of wood, with 6 drawers in the bottom part and a mirror at the top, some dressers include more features like lamps or small cabinets on top of them. They can vary in design and many different colors are available. Height: 44-45 inches (112-114 cm) Width: 36 inches (91cm) Depth: 18 inches (46 cm) Dresser used to be called an “arrimoire” (“wardrobe”), but it got its modern name after being introduced in North America, where wardrobes were already commonly used. The word “dresser” comes from the French word “dressoir”. It’s not totally clear how it came to English, but the most accepted origin is that it was used in old France to refer to a table or cupboard which stored and displayed dishes and plates. The famous British furniture drawer Thomas Chippendale (1718-1779) named his book ‘The Gentleman & Cabinet Maker’s Director’, where he showed many different designs of dressers.All dressers are made of wood and usually have six drawers as a standard. Some people use them as nightstands as well as storage space for their clothes. There are many different styles and colors that range from modern to traditional pieces. Dressers can be bought at IKEA for around $229.00, at Sears for around $200, or online retailers like Amazon for anywhere between $120-$300 depending on features and quality of the dresser itself. Online sellers also include price ranges so you can choose your budget accordingly. The good thing about online purchasing is that it allows you to view the product from different angles, as well as read reviews from previous buyers. It’s a good idea to look for dressers second-hand if you want a cheaper option and are willing to do some fixing up yourself. There’s also the option of making your own dresser from scratch. In conclusion, dressers are a useful piece of furniture that can be used for keeping clothes or even other things like shoes or small appliances in them. They come in all different price ranges depending on where you purchase them and whether they’re new or pre-owned/used items.