Fashion: Stylish, Practical, And Versatile

The MZ Wallace, Ruby Quilted Crossbody Bag is both a fashionable and practical choice. With a leather shoulder strap, the MZ Wallace, Ruby Quilted Crossbody Bag is visually appealing and comfortable to wear during the day or if you are going on a night out. With an Italian leather trim, this further adds to the high-quality appearance of the bag. Plus, the delicate red outline along the top of the strap and the zip also provides a unique finishing touch. The chain metal strap, which is definitely one of the selling points of the bag, offers some edge to the design and it also allows you to position it across your body or you can wear it resting on your shoulder. If you live a busy or active lifestyle, the MZ Wallace, Ruby Quilted Crossbody Bag is a perfect choice: made from REC Oxford material, the MZ Wallace, Ruby Quilted Crossbody Bag is extremely durable as it is water-resistant and can withstand being exposed to various weather conditions. Lightweight, compact, and consisting of five interior pockets, including a phone pocket, there is plenty of space for you to carry all of your essentials including your keys, diary, and any other day-to-day items. With a smooth zip at the top of the bag, you have easy access to everything within the bag. The interior lining also provided extra protection for anything that you keep inside of your bag. This MZ Wallace, Ruby Quilted Crossbody Bag is also an ideal fashion accessory, and the distinguishable MZ Wallace logo, which can be seen from the front of the bag, reflects the authenticity of the bag. The bag is extremely versatile as it will complement all of your outfits – whether you are wearing relaxed and comfortable clothing or if you opt for a more glamorous look.