NARS, The Multiple Stick That Is Magical.

The Multiple Stick is an eyeshadow stick that can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, lipstick, eyeliner or eyebrow color. It was first released in 1995 and brought back by popular demand after it had been discontinued for some time. The name “NARS” stands for Nail Acquisition Required Syndrome. It comes from the founder of the company Jean-Paul Colbeau-Justin’s vice of buying nail polish. He eventually decided to turn his passion into a business venture. His wife Maritima took over the reins until 2010 where she passed them onto Thierry Maman who had worked alongside her since 2001. *Each Multiple Stick has its own individual page this Wiki which you can access by clicking the name of the shade. These multiple sticks are all highly pigmented and can be worn without a primer for some colors. You can wear them wet or dry and while some claim that they last longer when used wet, others say the opposite is true. Each stick (with the exception of Orgasm) is 2 grams and retails for $35. They’re all currently available on the NARS website but you can also purchase them at Sephora, Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms. Thier main advantages include being reasonably priced, easy to use and long-lasting. The consistency is fairly soft and creamy so you only need a little bit of product for each application. The colors can be applied with fingers but some claim that the effect looks better when applied with a brush (See the Shades section). Product swatches are available in the individual articles. To see all shades, click “NARS Multiple” in the navigation menu at the top right corner. Nars describes these colors as having one or more of following attributes: metallic shine, dewy finish (shimmery), frosted (metallic), sheer (slight tint) or matte (powdery).