Review And Styling Tips For Nordstrom’s Twist Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are the most versatile and flattering earrings since they became a trend! The twist hoop earrings from Nordstrom, are the perfect pieces to step up your hoop game. They are not the classical piece of hoop earrings that they are on the market for so long now. On the opposite, they provide a fresh design to this classic shape. The quality is really good and look expensive on everyone. They are available on silvertone plate or goldtone plate and the clasp is made from surgical steel, which is an amazing feature for long lasting pieces. These modern twist hoop earrings can go with everything and elevate even the simpliest look. You can order them from Nordstrom at any time and choose the color that best suits you. Gold hoops suit better with warm skin tone and silver with cool skin tone. This is an easy trick to know exactly what looks better one you and what compliments your skin. You can wear them, basically, with every outfit and create unique combinations. If you are wearing silver jewelry it is better to choose the silver twist hoop earrings and if you wear gold choose the goldtone ones. But, the rules are meant to be broken, so if you are bold enough you can mix and match the metals for a more dramatic contrast. Hoops look great in every day, street style looks, as a basic accessory that compliments your outfit. Also, they work amazing in more formal, event outfits, if you prefer to keep the accessories more minimal, to give the emphasis on the whole look. Twist hoop earrings are a stable piece for every wardrobe. It’s so easy to order them from Nordstrom and have them right away to create unique outfits that are true to yourself and your style!