Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV Review: The Superior Among QLEDS

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV review: The Superior Among QLEDS There’s a reason why this QN90A Samsung TV is dubbed the “King of QLEDS.” Apart from its impressive backlighting and the plethora of smart features alongside an eco-friendly remote, you’ll only get the best watching experience there is. Its sleek design and technology also make the purchase well worth your money. In this article, we will be reviewing Samsung’s QN90A Neo QLED TV’s features, design, and performance. Design The QN90A takes your breath away immediately by how it flaunts modern TV aesthetics. With its one-inch build, you’d be surprised at how much a thin TV can pack all of its parts cleanly and efficiently. Furthermore, it also has invisible bezels, with its border almost blurring between the chassis and the panel. Compared to the Q80T QLED TV, this one took its design up a notch. Features and Performance MicroLED technology has been something that Samsung looks to as a future for displays. Even so, the technology is still absurdly expensive and is often exclusive for projects that are custom-installed. Because of this, it sticks with a conventional mechanism for most of its products, being an LCD panel backed by an LED backlight. The QN90A possesses such features but has more leverage in terms of technological prowess compared to the usual. This TV provides a magnificent picture display that is on par with Hisense 75U9DG’s experimental dual-LCD system. Its significant backlight control, solid colors, and contrast make it suitable to play even in bright rooms. There is also a multi-view option, where you’re able to watch what’s playing on your phone and your TV on the same screen. It’s also excellent to use for gaming since it’s packed with plenty of features. For one, its 120Hx auto low latency mode and variable refresh rate allow you to run games smoothly since there is an extremely low input lag. Its latency also measures up to 2.6ms, easily lodging it at the top of the list for best gaming TVs. Conclusion Samsung QN90A Neo QLED innovated Samsung TVs with a brand new panel that rivals its OLED competitors. It makes for a strong and competent TV product that especially takes pride in its brilliant LED performance and great contrasts. If you’re looking for a TV that’s great for your entertainment room, this Samsung TV is your best pick.