The Best Game Version Laptop Qualities

The game laptops are one of the best options for playing games. If you are looking forward to buying a game laptop, then you must find out some useful information by reading this article. The specifications that are required for gaming laptops are as follows: Optical drive This drive is mandatory as some games require installation from dvds or blu rays. Most of the laptops lack this. Video Card This is also a very important feature as it determines the quality of graphics and how smooth the gameplay would be. The best video cards for gaming are nvidias gtx series or amd radeons HD 6000/7000 series. If you want to run games at ultra high resolutions , then you must have a video card with 2 gb of memory. Processor – If you are a person who is into games, then it is very important for you to have a processor that can run all the heavy graphics without any hesitation. The best processor for gaming laptops is Intel i7 series or AMD phenom ii processors. RAM – A laptop with 4 gb of ram is better than 2 gb because it can handle more load. It allows you to multitask without any overheating issues. Storage – The storage capacity should be enough for your games and other applications. At least 250gb of hard disk space is required for games. Battery – The battery life is the most important factor. You do not want your game to pause or crash due to low battery power. Make sure that you have enough time for your game. If your laptop uses an adpater, then make sure that it has one with long wire so that you can move freely while playing. Laptop is a portable computer that can go along with you anywhere. Laptops are very convenient to carry around compared to desktops and they provide all the necessary features and applications required for daily tasks and multimedia purposes. They also allow you to play games, but only those which do not require powerful specifications.