The Best Peace Love World Outfits For Men To Dress Up, And Dress Down

Peace Love World is a clothing company that dresses men in ethical, sustainable fashion. We’ve put together our favorite looks to give you an idea of how to dress up, and dress down. We have outfits for the office, date night, and everything in between. There are also other MADE IN USA brands on Peace Love World’s site! Below are some of our favorite Peace Love World outfits to help you get ready for the day ahead! ABOUT PEACE LOVE WORLD Peace Love World (PLW) is an ethical apparel company based in San Francisco, CA. Founded by two designers, Peace Love World’s mission is to make sustainable clothing accessible to all people by supporting women-owned businesses around the world. Each piece of Peace Love World clothing is carefully created with meticulous details and made in the USA. The team at Peace Love World works tirelessly to ensure that every item of their clothing line embodies the values of Peace Love World’s mission, which are: – Optimal health for all people; – Sustainable production; and – Social responsibility. THE BEST OUTFITS FOR MEN 1. The Peace Love World “Fashion for Men” Air Fryer Jacket Peace Love World’s men’s jacket is an excellent staple in any wardrobe. It’s lightweight, breathable, and can be worn year-round. Wear it with jeans or pants to keep the chill off your body while you’re out and about! 2. The Peace Love World “Fashion For Men” Tank Top This tank top is an extremely versatile piece that will most likely be worn over and over again until it gets dirty. It has a fun print with a classic look that you can wear with everything from casual to dressy outfits. 3. The Peace Love World “Fashion For Men” Pants The Peace Love World men’s pants are incredibly comfortable, stretchy, durable, and long-lasting–perfect if you’re looking for something to wear on a date night or during the warmer season (like Chicago!) 4. The Peace Love World “Fashion For Men” Kit Bag If you love traveling but would like something light enough to take on your commute each day without weighing down your luggage–this kit bag is perfect.