The BH Drone And How Technology Advances

BH drone swooped in to the sky. It flew over a bridge that had been built hundreds of years ago, when humans were still around. Now, it was inhabited by many unknown creatures and drones gathered there for assistance. BH drone looked down at the bridge which had a few cracks here and there. On one side of the bridge stood a monster. It stood there with its huge, brown body and tiny head. It was as tall as two houses and as heavy as a car. Its back legs were as thick as tree trunks and its red eyes glowed under the moonlight. BH drone flew lower to take a better look at it; after all, this is what BH drones were made for – taking photos and collecting information. It was a monster, as I said before. It had eight legs sprouting from its spherical body. It stood up with four of these legs while the other four hung lazily to the ground. Black hair covered its whole body along with some green spots here and there. The hairs on its head were long and of different lengths. This was the first time BH drone had seen this monster, but it knew what it was immediately. A spider! And not just any old spider; a hulking hobo that has grown into giant proportions. This is because of all the pollution humans caused before they left Earth. As a result, the air became poisonous to them and they died off as a consequence. And as for this abandoned city it now inhabits, nobody knows. It could have been from an ancient civilization or it could have been from one of those monster movies I don’t want to talk about… “SCANNING DATA.” The second BH drone said to the first. “We’ve scouted down different areas in Earth and found hundreds of different monsters. Some small, some big, some ugly, even more beautiful, but each monster is unique.” The first BH drone scanned at the spidermonster while he told its story. “But this one isn’t any of those things.