The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Reviews

The air fryer is a new addition to the smart oven lineup. The machines are based on convection technology, which uses fans to circulate hot air, resulting in an efficient cooking system that can evenly cook food. And because it’s a convection system, the air fryer also has a high-powered blower fan at its base that blasts hot air up through a metal mesh basket inside the machine—this means your fries will turn out crunchy without all of the oil from frying them in a traditional pot. In short: It’s not really an Air Fryer you’re buying when getting this product. You’re basically paying for a smart oven upgrade + a small fry basket accessory thing they sell separately . The air fryer gets really hot, like 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more hot. And since it’s a small appliance, most of the time you’ll be reaching your hand into that heat to get food out. Do not touch the fry basket if it’s been on for a while The product is marketed as an Air Fryer but does not have a heating element designed specifically for cooking food at typically-Air-Fryer low temperatures. It just has a regular oven element and tiny little rotating metal mesh basket . At those high temperatures, some oils tend to smoke before they have had enough time to cook off/degas from ingredients making them soggy. Suddenly the whole unit smells like burning oil , so obviously,’t leave it alone when frying stuff like that. It can’t even cook most frozen french fries (potatoes, not tater tots) all the way through without burning them on high . It gets a little bit better at medium temperature but then they aren’t crispy-fried enough. Said potatoes don’t have crispiness even after being wrapped in foil and baked for 22 minutes. Even if you try to go super-low and just blast it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, said potatoes will stay burnt no matter what so you would need to put them at least under a broiler before eating them. And honestly, it doesn’t really help much with the effort of preheating either because it takes ~8-15 minutes anyways .