The CHANEL, LE VERNIS Longwear Nail Color Reviews

Chanel will release a new product named LOVELY PINK which is their first color nail polish to join the ranks of the existing LE VERNIS range. This long-wear nail color comes in a new shade that combines pink and red colors to create a cute, feminine color. LOVELY PINK is an elegant and bright pink with a matte finish so it will give your nails a shiny look, but the texture has been improved so even if you use this product repetitively, it won’t become dull or dirty-looking. This nail color also has superior adhesion and long-lasting effects. The ‘LOVELY PINK’ comes in the same standard size (7mL) as other LE VERNIS products so you can refill your existing Le Vernis bottle to use with the new shade. The advantages of the new LE VERNIS are that it won’t chip easily and also comes with UV protection. The long-wear color is easy to apply like other nail enamel products, but you can adjust its level of thickness depending on your preference. All the customers who bought this product loved it and said that the color is bright and also long-lasting. For many years the LE VERNIS line has produced products that outlast others, with no chipping or loss of color even after days of wear. For the summer season, it is said that many consumers look for bright nail colors like pinks and reds (and shocking colors like neon yellow). Chanel’s LOVELY PINK is one of the best colors to suit the season and would look good on all skin tones. The cons of this product are that it is more expensive than other brands (like O.P.I.) at around 27,000 won (~$28). The new LE VERNIS LOVELY PINK started selling on May 12th in South Korea and the color will be limited to store exclusives (not available online) so you’ll need to go to a Chanel counter to ask for it by name.