The Software Tutorial And How To Work With It

Software is the collection of computer programs, procedures, rules, and documentation that tell the computer what to do. Software includes all software components required for a finished product or service to operate properly. What are examples of software? There are many different types of software used in today’s world including: • Operating systems • Database management system • Networking software • Language translators Operating systems are an essential part of modern computers. An operating system provides an interface between you and your hardware (the central processing unit, hard drive memory , etc). For example, Microsoft Windows is an operating system that was created by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows provides an interface for you to use your computer and also controls the hardware settings of your computer allowing you to run different programs from a hard drive , CD, or USB. One of the most common software used today is a database management system . A database management system manages large amounts of information stored in a central location so that it can be accessed by many people at one time. An example of a well-known database management system is MySQL created by Oracle Corporation. MySQL allows users to store data online without having to worry about corrupting or losing their data, as long as they have an internet connection . Another type of “database management” software is Microsoft Access which has been part of Microsoft Office since 1990 although not widely known. Microsoft Access is a desktop database application that allows you to store, manage, and query data in a variety of formats. Network software is essential for computers that are connected to each other. Networking software allows computers to share resources such as files, printers, and internet connections. Without networking software, it would be difficult for people to collaborate on projects or share files. An example of a popular networking software is TCP/IP which stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol . TCP/IP is the standard communication protocol used by the Internet and most local area networks (LANs). It is also the basis for most modern network protocols.