Tips When Shopping For Winter Men’s Jeans

In the winter, it gets colder, and you might consider looking for some jeans that you can wear on those cold nights. However, it is extremely important to remember that not all jeans are made for everyone. So here are four tips when shopping for winter mens jeans. 1) LOOK AT THE WEIGHT OF THE JEANS. Usually, for this kind of weather, you want something relatively thick to keep you warm. While “denim” might sound like a strong fabric, it is incredibly thin compared to most other fabrics being used in jeans right now. If it is not listed on the tag, do not hesitate to give the salesperson a call and ask them what they are made out of (polyester, cotton, or hemp). Anything thicker than that will be hot enough to wear comfortably even with your shirt off – which is always an option if you are stuck inside all day. 2) DECIDE ON THE TYPE OF JEANS YOU WANT. There are a few different types of mens jeans that are popular in the winter season. You can choose between a straight leg, bootcut, or skinny jeans. Bootcut jeans are wider at the bottom, making them perfect for pairing with boots. Skinny jeans are tighter-fitting and show off your curves. If you are unsure of the style to choose, you can choose straight-leg jean since it is versatile and you can dress it up or down. 3) CHOOSE A DARK WASH COLOR. Darker washes are perfect for winter because they create a slimming effect and make your legs look longer. If you want to buy a pair of jeans that will last you for a long time, stick with a dark wash. Try to avoid light-colored jeans because they are harder to style in the winter months. Stay away from darker washes if you have lighter hair, so your legs don’t look stumpy. Go with something lighter, so the focus is on your face. 4) FIND THE RIGHT FIT When searching through different pairs of jeans, always look at how they will feel after you’ve worn them for a while. Also, be sure to ask if there is an option to alter the jean size if need be – meaning did it shrink or stretch when you washed it. You want your jeans to fit exactly how you want them to fit – if they are uncomfortable, then they’re not very good quality.