Why You Should Acquire A Smart Display With Google Assistant

There’s a new way of getting the information you want on your TVs. Introducing Smart Displays with Google Assistant, easy-to-use speakers and screens that make it simple to look up answers or play videos from YouTube, control your home using Smart Home devices, or get real-time answers from Google – all just by asking. Here are several ways this handy new device will improve your life: 1. PROVIDES REWARDING VISUAL EXPERIENCES ON YOUR TV With its 10″ touchscreen display, HD quality visuals are more engaging than ever before. Edit photos, watch movies and TV shows from YouTube, see recipes step by step for easier cooking; the possibilities are endless. And if you have a Chromecast Ultra, you can even enjoy 4K HDR content on the same device. 2. MAKES YOUR TV VOICE-ENABLED Using intuitive voice controls, Smart Displays with Google Assistant let you find answers to all kinds of questions by asking out loud. Just ask for weather updates, local business information, or sports scores – and watch the magic happen. 3. HELPS CONTROL YOUR SMART HOME DIRECTLY FROM A SCREEN It’s one thing to check in on what’s going on at home when you’re not there, but it’s much more helpful if you can also control devices using just your voice and a simple command. With Smart Disdisplay with Google Assistant, you have the power to turn up the thermostat for a warm home or turn on your favorite show using Chromecast for an evening of comfort and entertainment. 4. GIVES YOU ACCESS TO GOOGLE’S KNOWLEDGE GRAPH WITHOUT HAVING TO ASK Let’s say you want to know the population of New York City – all you need to do is tap the mic on your Smart Display with Google Assistant and ask, “What is the population of New York City?”. Within seconds, it’ll deliver the answer (8.5 million!). 5. MAKES SHOPPING FASTER AND EASIER THAN EVER The Smart Displays with Google Assistant feature hands-free help. So whether you’re making a grocery list for your next trip to the store or looking for an item that fits your home decor, simply ask, and you’ll get all the details right then and there. Google is committed to helping people achieve more in their daily life – no matter where they are or what device they’re using. And now, Google can help you do more at home, too – with Smart Displays with Google Assistant. Find out why this simple way of interacting with technology will put an extra bit of ease into your day.