Beauty Is In The Eyes And The Eyelashes

It’s said the eyes are the windows to the soul. Today, they are the window to expression and beauty. Eyelashes protect them and false eyelashes enhance, express and promote their beauty. Here we can say that beauty is in the hands of the one that beholds them. They have not changed much since they received their US patent in 1911. There are some claims and hairy tales about these enhancers or extenders, a prostitute extending hers to protect her eyes from semen, uh false, but it is funny, There is also a more believable tale of a method were a type of knotted weave was sewn on the natural eyelashes to sew hair on them. That method was just painful. It got better as the use of glue became more efficient. Their design has remained close to the patent of 1911, sewing hair on to a strip of cloth for attachment. . False eyelashes have a rocky history, yet, in their moments they make a strong come back. Movie stars assisted with their popularity in 1930 and again in 1960 by using them to enhance facial features as is still done today. They made a strong comeback in 2000 and it seems as though they are here to stay, We now express our public emotions or feelings with our eyes, by default. We smile with them, speak with them, and we promote who we are with them. We spend more time enhancing them then we have in the past. They are not just for movie stars anymore. Lengthen, thicken, and enhance. They have become the lense through which the world is seen and the filter in which we allow others to see us. We see and are perceived through our eyes and lashes change the perception. They are used as a display of power, mystery, sensuality, and sexuality. Who do women see themselves as when they wear them? The answer to that question is whoever they want to be or see. Women of all ages are enhancing and extending. Expressing their beauty with a glance or a stare. Beauty trends don’t dictate any particular style the trend is to just wear them any way one sees fit. Technology has made them easier to apply and mass production has made them easier to buy. The cost is dictated by hair type and texture, length, brand and wether not it is a strip or individual. Women who self apply eyelashes everyday become fluent in the application and wear them like a rock or movie star everyday. They are not just for stars anymore.