How Amazing Mally Primer Is To Your Skin

Primers are mainly used to protect the skin by acting as an additional layer between your skin and foundation/powder/blush. They also ensure that the applied product glides on much easier than without it. Mally primer comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. The packaging itself isn’t anything special, but it’s simple and looks nice. The primer itself is clear, with a bit of a blue tint to it. It has small silicone strands in the formula to help give your foundation an easier application. The primer makes your skin feel less dry and more “bouncy” which I always find helps with applying makeup and blending better than if you don’t use a primer. Mally’s primer lasts for about 6 hours on me before separating around my nose and chin. I personally wore this both with and without makeup, to see if it made any difference to the longevity of the product applied over the top of it. It did seem to last longer but it still didn’t make it through a full day without some separation. Mally primer didn’t irritate my skin or break me out at all and it does give you a good base for applying your makeup, but I do think it is slightly overpriced for what it is as primers don’t need to be expensive! It has great slip and makes makeup apply better, but if you are looking for a primer with anti ageing ingredients, then this is not the one for you. Mally primer does feel luxurious and it is nice to use, but I personally prefer ones that have anti ageing or hydrating properties in them too. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you are looking for an anti aging product. I would recommend it if you want a simple primer to make your foundation glide on easily and last longer.