How To Choose The Right Women’s Running Shoes

Running or jogging is the most convenient way of working out, especially for people that do not enjoy going to the gym. It has many health benefits and it is easy to get into. The most important thing that you need is a proper pair of womens running shoes. Nike is one of the brands that has invested heavily into developing running shoes and if you want to get a proper pair, you need to look at certain characteristics. The first thing that you need to look at when browsing for womens running shoes is the shape. Do not get lured by attractive designs. A proper pair of running shoes need to be tall but not too tall. It has to reach just below your ankle. It also needs to have proper padding on the sides which should be visible even by looking at photos from above the shoe. Another important aspect of a pair of Nike running shoes is the sole. Running shoes are different from other shoes. You cannot run in a pair of sneakers designed for streetwear. Their sole should be thicker and should be made from a lightweight foam that provides cushioning. The bottom of the sole should have a rubber layer with proper threading to improve grip and traction. Lastly, for womens running shoes, weight matters the most. Running shoes need to be lightweight. Imagine running in a pair of shoes that are heavy. You will experience pain in your feet and feel fatigued after just a few minutes of running. Usually, running shoes weigh under 270 grams or 9.5 ounces. Because womens running shoes are smaller, the weight can be even lower. Most Nike shoes designed for running are below 270 grams. You can find some models that are even as light as 200 grams or 7 ounces.