Ninja Nutri Blender Reviews-Why It A Great Blender

The Ninja Nutri professional blender is quite an attractive kitchen appliance, not only because of its black appearance, but also the flashy LED screen on it. This dishwasher safe blender comes with a large 72 oz jar that allows one to make enough smoothie for several people. With this big jar you can mix everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to ice cubes, nuts and even protein powders! The Ninja Nutri has six different functions: The blades are very sharp and made out of stainless steel that can blend almost any ingredient into fine particles in just a few seconds. The powerful reaches the speed up to 23,000 RPM, instantly pulverizing even the toughest ingredients into smooth drinks in seconds. Being also easy to maintain and with dishwasher safe parts is another advantage of this blender. Some people say that they are having difficulties when trying to extract all of the nutrition out of fruits and vegetables because it is hard for them to process their food by chewing it up enough. A lot of users claim that after making a drink in this blender they have noticed an improvement on their skin, hair texture, nails , weight loss or muscle gain. The nutrients from the fresh produce get more soluble which makes them easier for our body to absorb quickly. Some scientists believe that blending foods breaks down cell walls, making nutrients more bioavailable so your body can absorb more vitamins and minerals. This blender will do all the work for you and make healthy smoothies that pack a nutrient punch. The Ninja Nutri professional blender is certainly one of the best blenders on today’s market, as well as very affordable! It is an ideal appliance for those who like to eat veggies every day without having to chew them up too much or those who want to lose weight or gain muscle mass quickly. If you are looking into buying a new blender it would be recommended that you take a closer look at this great product!