Standard Features Of Amana AGR5330BA Freestanding Gas Stove

The Amana Corporation is a popular company that deals with the creation, production, innovation, and marketing of several appliances. It also deals with other products such as air conditioners, microwaves, and outdoor grills. However, Amana provides its customers with several appliances and accompanied by quality service. The Amana AGR5330BA freestanding gas stove is one of their high-quality appliances. It is a sleek, black gas stove with four standard features that are highlighted in this article. 1) OVERSIZED KNOBS OF THE CONTROL PANEL The large burner controls of this stove make it more convenient to work with. Unlike some gas stoves that require too much pressure on the controls to get them started, they are very responsive. The knobs also glow in the dark, so you can easily see them even in dim lighting conditions. When released, these sensitive controls automatically turn off instead of returning as most regular gas stoves do for safety purposes. Therefore, you will not worry about accidental fires with this stove. Further, the front controls make operating easy, while the 5-star energy rating ensures efficient cooking and reduced electricity bills. Its glass tempered top makes it easy to clean and keep tidy 2) HIGH BTU BURNER FOR POWERFUL COOKING The gas stove can produce up to 18,000 BTUs of heat, making it perfect for cooking large meals. The recessed top allows you to cook larger pots and pans without them taking up valuable counter space. The broiler drawer provides even heating and lets you cook crispy food without having to use the oven. The lower storage drawer keeps your cooking utensils organized and within easy reach. The electronic ignition provides quick, reliable light every time. 4) CONTINUOUS GRATES The continuous grates on the Amana AGR5330BA freestanding gas stove make it possible to slide pots and pans around without worrying about them falling off the edge. That is a very convenient feature, especially if you are someone who likes to cook often. 5) BROIL PAN AND RACK INCLUDED Even though the gas stove doesn’t come with an oven, it does include a broil pan and rack. That provides you the option of using your stovetop for baking or broiling things like chicken or fish instead of having to go out and buy an oven accessory. Plus, it’s always nice to have extra cooking space when you need it.