Tommie Copper 2 Piece Set- Two Layer Mask

Masks was really recommendable for anyone now that we are facing a serious problem that is happening in the whole world. Wearing a mask is a sign that we care for each other and a hope that we can go through this. Show your love by purchasing a mask that is comfortable and eco friendly. This is also a practical and nice gift you might want to give to your loved ones. Tommie Copper 2 piece set two layer mask was excellent for providing comfortable masks. It can be adjustable on your preferred placing of mask. It perfectly fits your face because of the innovative contour chin design and nose wire for your needed comfort. This mask has anti odor properties and has a double layer that makes you both comfortable and safe against the virus. Aside from the fact that it protects you from the virus this also helps to protect our earth. This was not an ordinary that is one time you will use it but this is a reusable mask that you can clean. You can clean it and reuse it until you purchase another of these that are different colors. Yes, it is available in black, red, blue and gray camouflage. This offers different colors as it aims to serve both women and men and even little ones. You can have it in both black masks or one black and one red or blue or gray. Hand wash was recommended when washing these masks but you can also use a washing machine to wash it but it must be machine wash cold and should be gentle mode only. Specification and fabrication of this mask was so intelligent that it protects you from the corona virus, protects you also for everyday purchase of disposable masks because you are required to use it once and lastly this also protects our nature.