Vanity Stools Are A Type Of Chair That Is Mostly Used In Bathrooms

Vanity stools are a type of chair that is most commonly used in bathrooms. These stools are designed to be placed under vanity counters and dressing tables, so when the user sits down on the stool it is directly in front of the mirror. Vanity stools typically have four legs with casters or glides on the bottom of each leg to allow for ease in movement across smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors. Vanity stools also have a back rest and often come in pairs. There are many different types of materials used when creating vanity stools, including: wood, metal and plastic. Common shapes include round and square pedestal bases with vertical slats that curve into a horizontal top surface to sit your body upon, which provides both support and comfort. Vanity stools are available in many different colors, including shiny chrome plated metal, wood stained to various hues, black plastic, white plastic or zebra-striped patterns. It is important to take into consideration the dimensions of your stool when purchasing one for use under a vanity counter or dressing table. A standard height for these types of stools is 17 inches high with a seat width of 16 inches and seat depth of 15 inches. This size will fit underneath most bathroom vanities but it’s best to double check the dimensions before making your purchase. Vanity stools can be purchased through online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay or at local hardware stores around you for prices around $25 depending upon the material. Many retailers offer free shipping with the purchase of a vanity stool, so make sure to do your research and price compare before purchasing. Vanity stools are available in many different shapes and sizes and materials such as metal, plastic and wood. Depending upon your preference you can find one that is aesthetically pleasing for your home or business