Varieties Of Gardens Green Plants And Flowers

Many people use varieties of gardens, green plants, and flowers in different ways. Some use them for beautification while others keep them in their homes to maintain freshness. * gardens * Backyard/ front yard garden is an area where plants are grown to be placed in the house for beautification. Varieties include flowers, greens, and even some vegetables. * Containers- this area contains different types of plants but is confined to a container hence smaller than the backyard garden. Varieties include perennials, annuals, and vines which can be kept indoors due to their size. * Windowbox is an area where the plants are grown in small boxes placed on windows for beautification purposes. Varieties include perennials, annuals, and vines which can be kept indoors due to their size. 2. FLOWERS. Flowers that beautify a house or any other place they are grown. Varieties include flowers that are grown indoors or outdoors. Varieties include: * Perennials- this is a flowering plant that can last for more than two years. Varieties include roses, Owens, lilies, etcetera depending on the time of year they are kept or bought. For example, perennials in winter require more attention because they need to be watered and fertilized consistently. * Annuals- this flowering plant lasts only one season, for example, from spring to summer or from fall until winter. Varieties include begonias, daisies, etcetera depending on the time of year they are grown. For example, annuals grown during spring require little care. * Vines- this flower can be grown either outdoors or indoors because of its size, which requires maintenance at times. Varieties include Ivy, bougainvillea, and various others, depending on the person keeping it. For example, some vines require pruning while others don’t. 3. GREEN PLANTS * Variegated bleeding heart. Variegated bleeding heart has beautiful fern-like foliage and delicate pink flowers on tall thin stems in early spring. A variegated bleeding heart needs a shady spot with rich soil and enough well-drained moisture to do its best, but it will also grow in the sun or partial shade. * The variegated Ivy. Variegated Ivy looks beautiful, especially when it trails down a wall or hangs off a deck railing. Variegated Ivy has fan-shaped leaves that are bright green with white strips. The Variegated Ivy is a great plant to put in a hanging basket because it trails and cascades, and the Variegated Ivy has small white flowers that pop out in early summer. Variegated Ivy can be grown indoors or outdoors and does well in full sun or partial shade * Succulents plants. E type of succulents is called Aloe Variegated. It has long Variegated fleshy leaves that are green with broad creamy-white Variegated stripes up the middle to the tip of each leaf. Variegated flowers are orange-red in summer. This succulent does well in full sun to partial shade. Variegated is very drought tolerant. It requires little Variegated water when grown in hot, dry areas with well-drained soil, but it must be watered regularly. These succulents also do well indoors. Variegated needs bright light and gritty free-draining soil. CONCLUSION: Knowing the different varieties of garden plants and flowers is important when planning your gardening project. It isn’t easy to know which ones will work best for you with so many options to choose from.